I would like you to know that carnal matters and carnal thoughts and temptations are a means used by the devil to keep us under his control.
These thoughts and temptations are a pure lie, a pure illusion and fraud, full of demonic influence and energy, taking advantage of our fallen nature!!!
Never trust this illusory carnal thought, this deceptive phantasy of the flesh!!!
For it presents the ugly as beautiful, the bitter as sweet, the unpleasant as pleasant, the humiliation as honour, the sadness as joy, the anguish as pleasure…
Without mentioning each one separately, suffice it to say, he presents the lie as truth!!!
Some say, why does God allow the devil to tempt us?
However, my brothers, by his war against us the devil is in fact doing us a great favour…as long as we do not consent to sin or, worse, we do not practice it.
Why and how this war can help us?
1. We humble ourselves and we come down to earth.
2. We are compelled to humbly ask for divine help.
3. By our resistance, our carnal passion and any other passion, which latently lie into us, are weakened.
4. We solidify our virtue, and finally,
5. By our resistance and struggle, we progress spiritually…
As long as:
1. We do not provoke temptation, which is pride and folly and, as I said,
2. Not to give in and submit ourselves to pleasure.
So, take care and be vigilant…
May God help us and guard us from the traps of the devil…
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