The miraculous icon of Panagia Trooditissa had always come to the aid of women that were incapable of bearing children.

The reputation of the icon grew further from the mid-19th c., when a childless woman of advanced age, having lost all hope of bearing a child, came to the Monastery and prayed for help before the icon of Panagia. Panagia hearkened to her fervent prayer that was replete with faith, and granted her wish. As a token of reverence and gratitude, the woman went on to dedicate to the Monastery the belt she wore during her pregnancy. This belt, by the grace of Panagia, has since performed countless miracles. Several childless women from all over the world come to the Monastery, devoutly wear the belt around their waste and Panagia fulfills their wish.

The Miraculous Belt.

(If a woman wishes to wear the belt around her waist with the wish to bear a child and have her name commemorated in the Divine Liturgy, she must have had a church wedding).

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