Never be sure of anything! I mean, that it will happen as you expect it or that you will succeed in doing with certainty!

Because in this life nothing is certain!
The vicissitudes follow one another and the unexpected and unanticipated are so common in our daily life…
It is so easy for something to go wrong, that we do not even expect it or anticipate it…

Therefore, everywhere and always call for divine help, even for the most “certain” and “easy” matters(!!!)
Let us remember the earlier times, when our simple and pious people, before doing anything, would cross themselves and say, “help us, oh God!”

In connection with the above, let us clarify that the same applies with regard to our thanksgiving to God; that is, to thank Him always and for everything…, even for what we would consider “implicit” and “easy” to do…
(I mean, even in those things something could go wrong… Or, even, God might have intervened – secretly and quietly- for our sake, in something we were not aware of… and that is why it all came out well and conveniently!)
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