Keep asking yourself from time to time:
“Do you remember to say the Jesus Prayer?”
Then turn into yourself and start saying it secretly…

You are with a group of people and you notice two things happening:
1. They start saying (whether true or false, it does not matter) bad things about other people who are not present… If you are not able to leave, close your ears as much as you can and hear…without hearing(!) Do not listen with interest! Do not want to learn… Do not consider that you will be losing something if you do not learn such things… (Did you know about them the day before, when you were calm?)
What you are definitely going to lose -if your ear is attentive to them- is the peace and calmness of your mind and your soul…
2. Do you feel that you have judgmental thoughts in that company?
Do as Ulysses of the Greek Mythology did:
“Close” in advance your “ears” to any thought of judgment that comes to you… and let it go away in the void…
Make an “agreement” with yourself in advance, that whatever you hear -either externally or inwardly against your neighbor (that is, a bad thought), is rejected and condemned by you!
Bearing in mind the two matters I mentioned, you may be able to maintain the calmness and the repose of your conscience and your soul!
I wish that to you!
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