1. Try not to know or learn the malice of your neighbor. If you do so, by itself it constitutes your own malice…
Let us take the example of the first Emperor of Byzantium, a Saint, correctly called Constantine the Great:
He was present at one of the Councils of the Church, when some persons brought libels (malicious accusations) against clergymen. What did the holy King do? Without even opening them, he tore them apart before all present and characteristically said:
“If I myself, the Emperor, see a priest sinning, I will take off my tunic to cover him, so that no one sees him…”
2. Do not dislike any person (whether a good or a bad one).
Instead, love all people (both good and bad).
(Note: This, of course, does not imply that you agree with their… bad actions.)
3. Avoid judgment as if it is… a leech which sucks your spiritual “blood”, that is, everything good and spiritual you have…
And do not forget:
4. The power of the Christian is worldly “weakness.”
For example, our Jesus Christ, the Lord himself, has assured us that:
“And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself”(John 12, 32)
(that is, when I am raised up on the Cross, I will attract all persons to my love so that they may be granted salvation…)
And the word became reality: Our wordly “weak” Christ, attracted the whole world towards himself …
This, my brethren, is the way of the Saints…· this is the way of the true Christians!
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