When something presents itself to you to which you have a weakness, be careful because it may dominate you! Restrain yourself! Do not let it capture your heart!
Instead, place in front of you your “holy programme”, your “holy decisions” (taken during your introspective evening review of the day) and follow them.
Otherwise, the first, that is, the consent and approval of your heart towards your weakness, will first throw you out of your programme and then will alienate you from God’s grace and your good spiritual state and atmosphere and will cause you all other consequences that will follow…
Therefore, be sober and attentive! Be abstinent and careful guardian and keeper of your “programe!
“All combatants exercise self-control in everything” (1 Corinthians, 9,25), saint Paul stresses.
Acting like this…you shall not regret it, but shall always be joyful and free· this is the true pleasure…
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