The Saints lived (in the deepest sense of the word) each and every feast. They were not just celebrating something that happened 2000 years ago; but, in a mystic and apocalyptic way, they lived the events as if they were happening now and were tasting their fruits.

That is why in their hymns they wrote: “Today Christ is born to the Virgin…” (Ninth Royal Christmas Hour); note “today!” or,
“Christ is born, Glorify Him” (a Christmas Hymn); not born, but, being born; now!
In view of their spiritual state, and according to their individual ability, they enjoyed grace and lived the events, being present to them.

The day of Christmas is approaching! The young virgin of Nazareth, at an age of about 15 at the time of the Annunciation, received in her bowels and accepted in her womb (without the intercession of a man), “Him that no place in the earth or heavens or the universe can contain”. And this because of her unsurpassable purity, but also because of her immeasurable humility and obedience. Yes, because our Lady was a Virgin, not only in body, but also in soul and mind.
And after nine months she gave birth in the flesh to the Word of God.

So did the Saints; on the same day of each year they lived the mystery, as if the event was taking place that same day, with all its beneficial effects, upon them and upon all creation. Further, they too were “conceiving” (spiritually) and carried in themselves the incarnate Word of God.

Let us, therefore, receive in ourselves -as if in a manger- the Son and Word of God, after we first purify our “abode” from all defilement of flesh and spirit and adorn it with exalted humility…

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