The following is dedicated to our sensitive brothers and sisters, but also to every neighbour in general:
Try not to be influenced by the psychological mood or condition of your neighbour.
It is a big mistake to depend on others for our joy or happiness…
Everyone has their own personal struggle…
Let us not confuse the struggle of one person with that of another.
Even in the case where you would like to help someone… Do it with love and humility, taking care that the bad mood or situation of your neighbour does not affect your own… (see also Galatians 6: 1)

We have spoken in previous Paternal Advices that joy is a very important and positive element in our spiritual struggle…
At the same time, we must know that the inner/psychic world of each person is a great mystery…, an abyss, with subtle and sensitive parameters…
That is why our psychic world is also very fragile and changeable…
With the above in mind, if you see that for some good reason (or no reason at all) your mental state has changed and some cloud has covered it..., then:
Do not delay!
Put a smile on your lips and march joyfully…(reciting the Jesus Prayer)!!!
Just as for a trivial or for no reason at all, sadness has swept you, in the same trivial manner or for no reason at all, wear a smile and joy on your face! (Further to this, I explain below the reasons why we can and should rejoice…)
Tell me:
How and why should I rejoice? On the basis of what cause or occasion?
And I answer:
– But, my brother, our Christ has done and suffered so much for us…, that we should be happy and joyful with Him…, why should we be sad, or even sullen?
No way whatsoever!!!
He delivered us from sin, He defeated death on our behalf, He gave us the Resurrection, He gave us the gift of rejoicing in His glory! He gave us His saints, His Holy Mother and Mother of all us Christians…
What else did He have to do and did not do so that we can be happy and joyful???
So, put on a smile on your lips and walk in joy…(reciting the Jesus Prayer)!!!
You will see how things and your mood will change…
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