Do not be surprised by what I will be writing below, nor mis-understand it and get it all wrong!
Furthermore, what I am emphasising in the next sentence, I assure you, has nothing to do with the whole fallacy, deception and destructive occult theory of the so-called “positive thinking”:
In general, try to have good and positive thinking in your life…
I will be more specific and illustrative by writing to your good selves the following 24 points (that is, as many as the letters of the Greek alphabet).
  1. Do not concern yourself with the Antichrist, concentrate only to Christ!
  1. Do not concern yourself with the evil, only with the good!
  1. Do not think evil thoughts, have only good thoughts!
  1. Do not listen to bad things (whether it be news or speculation), but only pay attention to good things!
  1. Do not see, do not hear, do not dwell on the evil, but stay only within the good!
  1. Do not return evil to the evil done to you, but win over evil with good!
  1. Remember not the evils of your neighbour, but only his good things!
  1. Hold no grudge, show kindness!
  1. Do not be sorry, but rejoice!
  1. Do not despair, but always hope… (God provides, you may say).
  1. See not the glass half empty, but half full!
  1. That is, do not look at things with pessimism, but always be an optimist!
  1. Do not rejoice when injustice is done, rejoice when truth prevails!
  1. Do not grumble, do not be resentful, always be in a pleasing mood!
  1. Do not mess around with your falls, keep your mind fixed on your straight path!
  1. Do not concentrate on your passions, but on the virtues ahead!
  1. Do not concern yourself with sin, but only with those things that please God!
  1. Nor should you revolve around your sins, but concentrate on your repentance!
  1. Only think so much of your sins, so that you do not repeat them!
  1. Flee from evil and henceforth do good!
  1. Think not the evil thoughts, only the innocent ones!
In other words (you, the Orthodox Christians):
  1. Unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. (Mt 18:3).
  1. Become the salt of the earth, which will both savour and preserve society from decay…
  2. Become the light of the world, so that those who see your good works may glorify your Father in heaven! (Mt 5:13-16)
Henceforth, therefore, my brethren, whatever is true, whatever is modest, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasant to God, whatever is respectful, whatever is virtuous and worthy of praise, these and these alone should you think about and do…
Let this be done!!!
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