(continued from previous):
Further to my previous Message on the above subject, I have to report two cases – in fact, two incidents – which show the seriousness of the subject we are talking about:
1st case:
A lady reported to me that her sister’s daughter, a little five-year-old girl, asked her mother just after leaving the Nursery School:
“Is it okay, Mom, for one little girl to be with another little girl?” (you understand…); repeating what the teacher told the class…
When the mother heard this, she went to the Nursery School to ask about the reasoning of this statement; whereupon, she was told that this particular school is part of a pilot programme and that from September this would be implemented in all schools…
2nd case:
A lady, a high school teacher, within the scope of her duties, attended seminars on sex education in schools. (Note that, according to the teacher, the relevant books of the seminars were books published by the Ministry of Education of Cyprus).
  • In these seminars, it was mentioned that the sexes of human beings are not only 2, but also 4 or 5(!!!)
May I ask now:
– Is this, indeed, the truth?
Let us see what Truth Itself, our Lord Jesus Christ, our Creator and God, tells us:
“But from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female. For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife” (Mark 10:6-7) and (Genesis 1:27).
Thus, our Christ spoke to us of 2 sexes from the beginning of creation.
Where from did these people discover these 4 and 5 “sexes”?
Is this what they want our children to be taught and to “learn” in our schools?
Also, when our God was about to create man, He said:
“… Let us make man according to Our likeness and image” (i.e., let us create man according to Our own image, so that he may have the capability to become like us, the Holy Trinity) (Genesis 1:26).
The image of God is that incarnate Word of God, our Lord Jesus Christ.
And I ask:
To step outside one’s norms, seeking another (non-existent) kind of “gender”, how will one ultimately become like God, our Lord Jesus Christ? How will he inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, which is our identification with Christ, our Christification and Divino-humanisation? This “change” is blasphemy against the God-Man Person of Christ!
I move on to our subject…
  • In the seminar on sex education, they were also shown sketches of families in which:
– In one case, a man and a woman were shown and in the middle there was a child. The man appeared to be playing with his mobile phone and the woman likewise; the child seemed to be left alone and unobserved…
– The other sketch showed a pair of “parents”, of the same sex(!!!) enjoying themselves with a child…
– Finally, another sketch, in the corner, in a smaller size, showed a normal couple, acting naturally and being normal with their child.
The teacher protested for this pretentious and well-targeted presentation, to which the presenter said: “Well, do you like it that the man and the woman pay no attention to their child, while the other couple (the homosexual one!!!) is happily playing with their…child(???)
– Now, my dear brethren, let me ask you an IQ Test-type question and let me have an answer to it:
Who and what kind of people do you think are behind these modern sex programmes, specially designed for our children?
My brethren,
What I write, I write in my capacity as Spiritual Father:
These programmes are essentially based on European and American standards and guidelines…
Let us not, however, miss the following truth:
That is, that Europeans and Americans are one kind of culture and spirit, whilst we, the ORTHODOX, are another…
What for them may be considered “natural” and “normal”, for us Orthodox are unnatural and abnormal…
What they consider “moral”, for us Orthodox are and remain immoral…
In other words, not everything that “suits” them can also suit us…
For the Europeans and the Americans, the normal man and the model of man is the fallen man, with his passions and any of his desires of passion he may have… (something akin to the theories of the Jewish-born Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, who was involved in hypnotism, the interpretation of dreams, the Oedipus Complex and other sexual complexes…)
What I say, is that, for the European and the American, the normal man and the model of man, is the fallen man, with his passions and whatever desires of passion…, whilst for us Orthodox, the normal and perfect man, as well as the model of man, is our Lord Jesus Christ (the incarnate God and our Creator).
So please understand that as there is a significant difference between the basis and the starting point of the Western man, and us Easterners – and by this I mean the model of the normal and perfect human being – there is also a greater difference in the approaches made to various human existential and ontological issues, including the procreative instinct, that is, that of the human procreation/reproduction and the relationship between the two sexes (I emphasize the two).
(This is what we Orthodox call this instinct: procreative and not sexual, which is a foreign word, with a different meaning from ours).
In conclusion, I repeat what I mentioned in my previous post and I state that:
“If we allow (it goes without saying that we will not allow) these perverse and unethical sexual “education” programmes to proceed, it will be like starting up a “broken machine” which will result in many victims (our own children) and which we will not be able to stop afterwards…”
My brethren,
Let us not hide behind our finger and let us not accept what unethical, immoral, pervert and unreasonable matters are served to us by others, through (unfortunately) some of our own people…
Our children and teenagers are literally bombarded with pornography and the advertising and promotion of various sexual and moral aberrations…
Let us not add to these, our own sexual so-called “educations” in our own schools!
Believe me:
The less they hear and see, about sexual issues…, the more smoothly and psychologically balanced they will grow up as regards their personality, as well as their, otherwise natural, procreative instinct…
Whereas, if we start from their pre-primary age, and then in their childhood and adolescence, to talk to them about various sexual matters…, a sexual syndrome will grow in parallel with them, which will follow them like a “shadow”, with all the destructive consequences and effects on them!!!
We clearly state our position and say:
The best sex education for our children and adolescents is none other than PURITY!!! (CHASTITY) (and I do not care if some people do not like that word…)
We are Orthodox Christians and we wish to continue to be Orthodox… and stay Orthodox to the end!
We have been through those stages of life too…and we have seen the benefit to a teenager and a young person of maintaining chastity; and we have never had so-called sex “education” in our schools either…
And we grew up fine… and we are fine!!! Thank God!!!
Believe me, my brethren, when I repeat again:
The damage that our children will have from the so-called sex education in schools, compared to the “damage” they will have if they do not receive such “information”, is 99.99% to 0.01% respectively! (I put the 0.01% in for the sake of those who cannot handle the absolute truth).
So, what do we prefer?
(I answer and say): As people like me have finished the Science Section of the secondary school and consider ourselves reasonable and practical, we have no choice but suggest and choose the latter!
And, if you remember the story I mentioned towards the end of my Paternal Advice no. 726, I repeat it again:
Beware of the… “crazy water”(!!!), because it has been quite some time since it started “raining”…
Those who wish, let them listen… and let them follow us…(Luke 10, 16).
Those who do not want to, let them “enjoy” the wages of their choice…
“He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” (Luke 14, 35).
Let us stand well, let us stand with fear!
(and something relevant):

From the above, it becomes clear that this movement of -otherwise abnormalsexual education is moving on a global level…
That’s why I urge:
Let’s wake up at last!!!
The reason I have included this video in this Paternal Advice, is, on the one hand, to show that there are still healthy voices…, and on the other hand, to the shame of our own, who are still… “thinking” of it(!!!)
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