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My dear Brethren,
On 1/09/2023, the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, seeing the concerns and the completely justified reaction of parents and various other associations against the so-called Sex Education in Schools, made a last (desperate) announcement to the media, attempting to… “reassure” the interested involved and anxious parents and Associations, stating, among others, that:
“(the Ministry) has made no changes related to this course (of Sex Education) from 2011 to date and that
“as far as Primary Education is concerned, the subject has been and will be taught exactly as it has been taught for twelve years, since 2011, WITH NO CHANGE WHATSOEVER”.
(We comment):
But even if we assume (which we do not, that is, we cannot be sure what we will receive in the course of time) that “whatever was taught for 12 years, from 2011 to the present, NOTHING WILL CHANGE”, but, “will continue to be taught exactly as it was taught“, THIS AGAIN DOES NOT KEEP US HAPPY AT ALL!!!
– When you will watch the video of the “Cyprus Parents’ Solidarity Association” below, you will understand why we are so strongly opposed to the Ministry of Education, regarding the Sexual Education lesson in schools!
– After all, who told you gentlemen (and ladies) that we want you to teach Sex Education to our children?
(We, from the very beginning when Sexual Education was introduced in Schools, were totally opposed to it; which seems justified today, as the rest of the story will show…)
– But again, if something was going wrong for 12 years, and we now realise it (because the matter is now completely out of control…), does this mean that we should continue it?
We declare in all sincerity, that even if we become 100 years old and realize that for decades something has been going wrong in our Monastery, we would immediately stop it!!!
We shall not say “as it has been going on for so many years”, we shall keep on…
Gentlemen (and ladies) decision makers: If you cannot react or if you do not understand or – worse – if you do not want to understand what is happening…, you would do well to leave our children, our morals and our culture alone!!!
This is where we need the President of the Republic, who was elected by the people, as the Captain of the ship called Cyprus, to admonish all these people and tell them, “What are you doing! Sit down and do as I say!”
– Initially, when people heard of “Sex Education” they thought it was something good for their child.
However, now that all the unacceptable things that are going on in the Schools, in relation to the Sex Education lessons, have been revealed, parents have woken up and they are not going to let this uncontrolled and damaging situation continue…
There are very loud and intense voices heard from people from abroad who have now realized the devastating effects that the Sex Education course has had on their children.
But we, having our ears and eyes closed, as deaf and blind, move on…
– Some even continue to ruminate on the so-called “right” of the children to have access to Sex Education…
When does the “right” become an “obligation”, I wonder?
Also, in its Announcement, the Ministry of Education pointed out that,
“Any references to the content published by the World Health Organization (WHO) or other bodies and organized groups do not concern the content of the course.”
Here the Ministry is NOT telling us the plain truth… and further, what it says is false and contradictory!!!!
In its Policy, the Ministry of Education (on its own post) states, regarding the…definition and the necessity of the holistic Sexual Education (on the basis of its declared Policy) that Sexual Education follows the guidelines of the World and European Regional Strategy for the Sexual and Reproductive Health of the World Health Organization (WHO)…”
– Finally, are you or are you not following the WHO guidelines? You are driving us crazy…
Gentlemen (and ladies) of the Ministry of Education: We despise hypocrisy and lies!
And further down, the Ministry of Education’s policy continues,
“…Progressively supporting and strengthening children and young persons with information, skills and positive values so that they may understand and enjoy their sexuality” (!!!)
And who told you gentlemen (and ladies) that we want our children to enjoy and delight in their “sexuality”…., prematurely and outside of legal marriage?
Here is the official Announcement from the Department of Education (in Greek), of
See also article (in Greek):
In the headline of the above article in “Kathimerini”, on the aforementioned Announcement of the Ministry of Education, there was the phrase
What you need to know(for the lesson of Sexual Education).
That is, from the Ministry of Education.
Below, we will refer to the phrase used by the Parents’ Solidarity Association in its presentation, which reads:
“Compulsory sex education – What they do not tell us“)
See (click to open the video)
It should be noted that just the day before the Ministry’s announcement, on 31/08/2023, our Holy Monastery of Trooditissa had published on its Website, an Announcement , on the issue of the so-called Sexual Education in our Schools.
In it we concluded that:
We must know that tomorrow’s society is our children of today!!!
As you will see in the video below, the Ministry of Education, through the Sexual Education course, is making an effort to adjust our children to the standards of today’s society (in relation to today’s sexual standards…)
But we also all know that today’s society goes from bad to worse… and no one can deny this (I am speaking, I repeat, especially with regard to the current state of sexuality…)
What we are hearing and what is being voted in Parliaments today is unacceptable; unfortunately we expect more of the same to be voted on(!!!)…
So then, if we do not want tomorrow’s society of our today’s children to be even worse than today, we must prepare our children from now to be healthy in all respects…
That is why we insist and conclude that “OUR CHILDREN NEED (NOT SEXUAL BUT) CHRISTIAN EDUCATION…”
– That’s all from our side.
My dear brethren,
We, the Holy Monastery of Trooditissa, declare that the struggle for the termination of the so-called Sexual Education in our Schools, and instead the introduction of a Christian Education, continues…
This may not “sound” good to some people, who, perhaps out of good intentions, are in favour of such Sexual “Education”.
We excuse them due to extenuating circumstances of ignorance…
However, if you watch, from beginning to end, the below video-presentation of Mrs. Eleni Kosta, as a member and representative of the Association “Cyprus Parents’ Solidarity”, there may not be a single person left who continues to support Sexual Education in our Schools…
In this well documented video of “Cyprus Parents’ Solidarity”, Mrs. Eleni Costa:
  1. ON THE ONE HAND removes the mask of the CFPA (Cyprus Family Planning Association), which acts like an affiliate of the World “Planned Parenthood”, alias “IPPF” (=Private Contraception and Abortion Clinics!!!), a movement lacking good “reputation”.
(open brackets):
– Unfortunately, as you will see in the video below, this private association (CFPA) managed to “infiltrate” (as a Trojan Horse) inside the Ministry of Education and Culture.
– Members of this Association and/or its friends hold key positions and are authors of Sex Education manuals (“I’m set” and “Life Journey”), as well as authors of high school health education textbooks.
– They also wrote the primary school textbook “First Steps”, which was purchased by the Ministry of Education and distributed to all primary schools as an aid for the teachers (!)
– Further to this, with the permission of the Ministry of Education, they also give lectures to students in our schools and “train” teachers and professors…
(This explains the various out of place occurrences and complaints we receive from teachers and lecturers).
– At the same time, the CFPA makes recommendations, through its manuals, to the Ministry of Education for approval and inclusion in the school curricula of the so-called Sex Education.
  1. ON THE OTHER HAND, the Cyprus Parents’ Solidarity Association, through the video-presentation of Mrs. Eleni Kosta, reveals the…unknown aspects (“what they do not tell us”) of the Sexual Education of the Cyprus Ministry of Education (from 2011 until today).
It was always puzzling us… the persistence, the obsession and even the wilful blindness of the Ministry of Education to such an out of place ongoing Sexual Education…
Our puzzlement, however, was solved when we read in the “POLICY OF THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND CULTURE ON SEXUAL EDUCATION” (on their own posting) in the beginning of this document:
“In response to the legal obligations placed on governments by the internationally recognized human rights, the MoE (Ministry of Education and Culture), by the present policy document, declares its commitment to ensure access to children and young persons to sex education” (this is taken from a declaration from WHO, the World Health Organization).
– And who asked you gentlemen (and ladies) to commit our country in this way?
Do not forget that the free air that you and we breathe was earned with the blood of our heroes…
And therefore, you have NO RIGHT to bind our morals and culture to ANYONE but our Saviour Jesus Christ!!!
Our Cyprus is an Orthodox Christian country and under no circumstances will WE allow any alienation of our Orthodox Christian ethos, contrary to what those people to whom we referreed to above are seeking…
In conclusion, we would like you to watch the video (but it would be good if there are no children present when you watch it). Please note that Ms. Eleni Costa is a remarkable Scientist!
She has graduated from Athens Metsovion Polytechnic at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and then worked at the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority as a Telecommunications Engineer for 20 years.
She is married and mother of 6 children!!!
For the last 11 years she has devoted a lot of time to research on holistic sex education.
So, we have both a scientific background and an informed presentation, but also – most importantly – an Orthodox ethos!
We declare that the Holy Monastery of Trooditissa (from the Church’s point of view) unconditionally supports the Association “Cyprus Parents’ Solidarity”!!!
After all, we too are Parents for all the faithful, regardless of age, gender and status; besides, it is not without reason that our faithful people call us “Fathers”.
A similar presentation will be held by Mrs. Eleni Costa next Friday 8/09/2023 in Avgorou:
With best wishes,
Prwtosygkellos Damaskinos
Holy Monastery of Troditissa
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