I wrote in P.A. no. 526:
«Do you have a pain in your body and you do not feel well or you worry somewhat?
Cross the painful part four times and say each time:
In the name of the Father, Amen.
And of the Son, Amen.
And of the Holy Spirit, Amen.
By the prayers of my father, Amen.
(we mean our spiritual father)
After this, leave it (do not worry about it anymore) and (God willing) will go away …»
(I complete):
You may also speak to the Mother of God:
Mother of God, I have this pain. I am just telling you, please bear it in mind
Thank you.”
Also please say to Jesus:
Christ, I will occupy myself with my spiritual matters. Please deal with my material matters”.
(that is, whatever problems I have)
The above are direct medicines which…cure quickly!
The doctor is our last and farthest choice.
(even in such a case, all the above continue to be valid)
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