Loving your neighbour demands that you are affable towards him.
For example:
Does he give you or does he propose to you anything?…
Accept or do immediately and with pleasure what he asks of you without any objection. (Provided that what he asks and/or what he proposes is not a sin. That is, it will not be against God’s will and against your soul).
In other words, be an easygoing person
Let the word “Ok” come out of your mouth easily (what is called “May it be blessed” in monastic language) and then immediately go ahead and do or accept what he says or proposes.
Do you know what a great joy this will give to your neighbour?
What else do we want?
This is what the love towards your neighbour prescribes (the love of God!)
This is what love of neighbour dictates (for the love of God!)
I pray that you achieve this…
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