Orthodox Hesychasm requires external and -mostly- internal tranquillity…
When we say “tranquillity”, in Orthodox Hesychasm, we mainly mean the restraint of passions…, as well as the restraint of “thoughts” (logismoi)…

This exercise brings us into a state of meekness and humility (since through Orthodox Hesychasm, the Christian person renounces himself, his thoughts and his fallen ego…)

The Lord assures us, in the Old Testament:
“… this is the one to whom I will look (that is, with an auspicious look), to the humble and contrite in spirit, who trembles at my word” (Isaiah 66, 2).
This is how it is: Meekness and humility always go together… (When one is missing, the other is absent too).

This is the state of the Orthodox Hesychasm, as asserted by the Lord who sets His own example, during His presence on earth (not only as God, but also as human):
“Learn (he urges us) from me, for I am meek and humble in heart and you will find rest in your souls” (Matthew 11, 29).

Therefore, the Orthodox Ethos (Orthopraxy=correct practice) demands humble morale (phronema/conscience), humble behaviour, peace and meeknesss…

Selfishness, pride, quarrels and anger are alien to Orthodoxy!
Their presence simply show that the Christian person is still driven by desires of the flesh (carnal morale) and that he is still carnal (and not spiritual) man!

Let us stand upright!
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