In today’s PA, I would like to clarify the following:

1. Humility or Complex?
Most people present -some intensely and others more lightlymanifestations of complexes, which, however, both themselves and those around them consider as manifestations of humility (!!!)

But are matters really so, as they think they are?

Humility, my brethren, relates to a person who is capable, intelligent, spiritually strong, a man of substance, who, despite all these gifts, remains humble, gentle (i.e. polite and good-mannered) who does not consider himself superior to others!

A perfect example of humility is our Lord Jesus Christ, who despite His Divine Greatness and His Omnipotence, humbled Himself so much…to the point of subjecting himself to mockery, flagellations, insults…, even to death itself, the most disgraceful death at that period, that of the Cross!!!

So, my brethren, complexes and manifestations of weakness, hypersensitivity, etc. have nothing to do with the virtue of humility!!!

We now come to the opposite of the above misunderstood concepts (humility and complex), which are:

2. Pride or good self-confidence?
Many people consider it a case of pride or selfishness if someone presents good self-confidence; a strong and undaunted spirit, good stubbornness, good indifference (to what one or another says about him), good apathy (in the face of the neighbour’s bad behaviour towards him), stability of character and, finally, good insensitivity… All these, many people consider as manifestations of pride and selfishness.

But are matters really as these people think they are?

Not at all!!! On the contrary, the person who has the above good qualities, in addition has and may have humility (if he so wishes), along with these good qualities.

Otherwise, if we are not as I described above, we shall enter into the situation I noted in paragraph 1 above, in which one shows a disadvantage and some feelings of complex and weakness… and not genuine humility(!!!)

My brethren, I will try to describe the situations of the two paragraphs above, by the following vivid example so that you may remember them:

Imagine yourself at the foot of a mountain.
Next, imagine yourselves being at the top of the mountain and then descending to the foot of the other side of the mountain.

Consider that the first foothills are the complexes, the inferiority, the weaknesses, the hypersensitivities and all other bad things…
Consider now the top of the mountain, as the self-confidence, the strong spirit, the good indifference, the good stubbornness and all other good things…
Finally, consider that at the other side of the foot of the mountain lies the true humility.

So, in order to pass from the first foothills to the…opposite foothills of the mountain, you need to pass from the mountain top..., where you cast off the first evils and you activate the second good things (of the summit)!
This is the time that you may reach the genuine and true humility!

(A parenthesis):
I referred above to the good self-confidence (and I added purposely the word good, because there is also bad self-confidence).

So, I clarify that the good self-confidence is based on the following words of Saint Paul:
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)“.

He who wishes to understand, let him understand…
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