I remember once, when a woman passed by the monastery in such a dress as if she actually wore nothing!
An impertinent question, spontaneous and unrestrained, then came to me:
“Why, Oh God, did you create women? Why have women no brains?”
In the days that followed, however, our Church celebrated great holy women, almost daily…
I marvelled at their accomplishments!!! I admired their bravery!!! I admired their holiness of life!!!!
So, I asked our Lord, Jesus Christ, for forgiveness for these two naive and childish questions and took back my word… and even more so, when I remembered the more honourable than the Cherubim and beyond compare more glorious than the Seraphim, our Queen, who is more wide than the Heavens, His All-Holy Mother and our Mother, Panagia!!!
Indeed, when the woman, who is equal in merit to the man, is in her natural dimensions and standards, she may do great things!!!
Says the righteous Solomon in his book of Proverbs (31:10):
Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies.”
(that is, it is not easy to find a fine woman with a brave spirit and a praiseworthy life! For she is incomparably superior from all precious stones.)
If you wish to read the whole eulogy of the woman, in this chapter:
(Proverbs of Solomon 31, 10-31) see:
In other words, the female sex won on this point… (of course, as long as the woman, as I mentioned above, maintains the proper specifications made by our Creator for her…)
God created woman beautiful according to her nature!
Why do you, woman, interfere with the beauty of nature, which in the end you make ugly…with the artificial interventions on your face, with the various make-ups and the paintings…even on the nails (which, alas, become more dangerous than those of a lion!)
Do you not realize that with all these interventions you are becoming much uglier…? And yet you delude yourself that they make you more “beautiful”(!)
If I ask you why you do that, you will probably answer that you do it to please your husband…
If this is so, then why do you not make up yourself when you are at home with your husband, but do this when you go out of the house?
Let me give you the answer myself, why you do it:
Simply, to satisfy your feminine vanity and egoism…
Let’s be honest:
When a woman makes-up her face, she’s actually putting a sign on her forehead that reads: “Do not see me as a soul, as a fellow human being, but see me as a woman!”
Please understand, my sister, that the true beauty of the woman consists of:
1. Maintaining her natural (smiling) face, and not the sloppy/made-up and carnival-like face full of make up.
2. Her modest way of dressing.
3. Her modesty in words and conduct.
4. Her true and genuine love, compassion and charity…
I wish this to you!
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