(continuation of the previous Paternal Advice 735):
We said in our previous P.A. No. 735, that the Divine factor for the final cut off of a passion, is given! Whatever is left for us to do, as a precondition, is our own synergy, effort and struggle…
And I ask:
Why, then, since God wants our deliverance from a passion and we “wish” it too, why – I say – is the desired objective not achieved?
If you have noticed, I did put our “wish” in quotation marks… This is because it is doubtful whether we really want it…
We would like it cut off, but at the same time we want the passion! That is the reason that it keeps coming back…
You may probably ask:
Does our pride and selfishness prevent the divine grace from giving us the final victory?
Surely, this is an additional obstacle…
However, there is another factor that prevents final victory:
That is the scale, the (percentage) level of commitment in our struggle.
I mean, we may not be really determined in our effort to demolish the fortress! (“fortress” here, is the passion).
And this, to the point that both the enemy and our old fallen man inside us (our passion), are making a thousand and one excuses and pretexts…, in view of its commission and satisfaction… (of the passion)
This truth and this fact, my brethren, is also the “golden key” for our redemption from a passion, from a bad habit…, and this is where I want to finish:
Do you really wish that a passion, a bad habit of yours, shall not be repeated, and be cut off once and for all? (of course, always with the help of God)?
Beware and avoid pretexts and excuses, i.e. finding mitigating circumstances… in view of the commission and satisfaction of the passion!!!
We need radical changes!!!!
In other words,
The only effective way to prevent a passion, a mistake, from happening again, from being repeated, is simply:
And this, under any circumstances, pretexts, or excuses… (full stop.)
I repeat:
DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!!! (as simple as that…)
I hope I made myself understood. I wish you the best!!!
The pleasure willall be yours!!!
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