“Although the tongue has no bones, it breaks bones!!!”
Both the entries in this P.A. 738 and the above wise proverb of our people speak for themselves, so I will not analyze them one by one…
What I would like to point out and conclude, is that, certainly and above all, we would not want to belong to those who practice and act the above… just as, on the contrary, we would not want to be ‘victims’ or recipients of such immoral and unethical actions on the part of such people…
Unfortunately, my brothers, the Orthodox Christian ethos!!! is absent today!!! (1)
And, how inappropriate is it, really, to see the absence of morality (ethos) also from these so-called religious” people (!!!) – that is, from people who are considered and present themselves as people, supposedly, of the… “Church” (!!!)
I am not exaggerating at all when I liken a person who practices psychological violence or aggression or oppression, either in his family or in his working environment or in his relations with his fellow human beings…, I am not exaggerating at all, I say, if I equate this person with a… murderer!!! And I know very well what I am saying and what I am suggesting…
Do not think that, “but I am not acting like this…” If you exert psychological violence to another person, if you distress him often… and he falls ill and dies, then you are a murderer!
You may fast, even abstaining from oil…; make penances and genuflections as many as you like…; attend vigils…; make frequent confessions…; partake Holy Communion frequently…; read and master the Holy Fathers…
I ASSURE you that:
If you do not have the Christian ethos, which is characterized by discretion, moderation, kindness, humility, compassion, delicacy, moral modesty (both in speech and in conduct) and, above all, if you do not have genuine and true Christian courtesy… – and instead, you practice, as I said above, psychological violence and oppression (bullying, we would say today) either to your family (2) or to any of your fellow human beings…, I assure you, if you are such a person – even if you present yourself as “religious”(!!!)- you will at the end of the day be very hateful to God, who will vomit you in the afterlife, sending you “away” from His presence…
And where else, tell me man, will you go to ‘hide’ from Him, when God is omnipresent???(!!!)…
And where else will you be sent…, but in the eternal fire of hell, there to intermingle with others like you, the murdering demons!!!
I will end with my beloved phrase:
Let us stand well, let us stand with fear.
(1) It is true, my brothers, that the Orthodox Christian ethos…, has vanished today…, or at least, it has become hard to find!!!
I say this to our shame; those who certainly have the Christian ethos and kindness are the children with the so-called down syndrome!
(Do not find what I say paradoxical! Please know that the “problem” of these children is of the brain, i.e. the body, and not of the mind, i.e. of the soul. Their mind (nous) is perfect in all respects! These children in the life to come will be fine!!!… and, in fact, they will advance to a high mental state… It is us perhaps that we may have the “down syndrome” in the next life!!! Do you understand?)
The absence of Christian ethos is also present in the so-called zealots, i.e. those who present themselves as being of the Church and having God’s zeal, but “not really enlightened” (Rom. 10:2). They are in an erroneous “religious” state…, i.e. while they present themselves as “genuine” and “patristic”(!)…, nevertheless they do not have any ethics!!! So, we see in them the absence of the minimal elementary politeness… There are so many of them around… They are the ones who do the greatest damage to the Church!!!
(2) Violence in the family is not only when the husband beats his wife (which is always repulsive, unacceptable and immoral!!!)…
Violence in the family can also be psychological violence…, psychological oppression, the debilitation of the spouse; the insulting, demeaning, blaming, accusing and belittling her (or him) to the children; the attribution of sole responsibility, guilt or blame for something, to the point that the accused feels devastated, humiliated, exhausted… and, on top of that, to delude ourselves that we are good Christians (!!!) Yes, all the above also constitute violence in the family!!!
And again I hear someone say: “But I do not do that!”
My fellow Christian, this lack of respect; and of politeness; and contradiction (i.e. you contradict your parents or respectable people); criticism and unjust judgment against a man of God (deluding yourself that you are more correct than he is, easily condemning him for something he does, although he may have his God-sent reason for doing it); but this is how you have learned, “to judge (and condemn) everything and everyone…” All this, I say, constitutes a lack of Christian morality (ethos) and in fact what you succeed… is to condemn yourself…
Still, you may not verbally insult your neighbour; but you may offend him indirectly or “talk down to him” or – worst of all – leave insinuations…against him!!!
These, too, constitute violence, either in the family, or at work or generally in society… not to say that this kind of violence is worse and more painful than the face-to-face insult!!!
God save us from such a moral decline!!!
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