…on the occasion of the infamous video of the defrocked “archimandrite” Konanos, which (video) is making its way around the internet, to the detriment of many of our weak fellow human beings…
I was thinking of posting this particular video, which he has filmed himself and in which he explains how he now feels “well” -both towards himself and towards God(!!!)– who is… homosexual(!!!)…
But, in the end, I preferred not to post it in order not to do further damage to the unstable and weak…
And a second reason for not posting it, is so as not to make you dizzy…, because I was really dizzy from his non-stop blah, blah, blah…, talking non-stop for 1 whole hour!!! (which unfortunately I had to listen to).
Of course, I refuse to comment on anything included in his completely unacceptable and worthless video (I mean on what he himself declares, “advises” and exhorts…)
If, indeed, anyone wants to hear how a deluded and unbalanced man speaks, let them listen to him…
I will only say three things here, which concern both Mr. Konanos (I doubt if the word, “Mister”, is suitable to describe him) as well as the Church:
1: What in Church we sing on Maundy Thursday about Judas in the Holy Passion of our Lord, exactly applies to this man:
“This day Judas deserts the Master, and chooses the devil”…
2: When we have Konanos, the devil is no longer needed; for in this case the devil is superfluous because the first one does his job better than the second one!!! Even the devil could not speak so “beautifully” and so “sweetly, to deceive the simple!!! And
3: I now wonder how many such other persons exist in the institution of the Church!!!
That is, how many such other cassock bearers are around us (!!!) and how much damage do they cause to the flock! And how many weak and unstable believers are prone to destruction(!!!) because of them(!!!)
So, what do we do? If one is suicidal, should we “help” him to… commit suicide(???) or instead try to save him?
No man is born homosexual!!!

(This is not drawn from science, but from theology and dogmatic anthropology; of course science itself does not recognize nor does it make such an assumption! Instead, it (science) declares that the genetic code of every human being is unique and unrepeatable!)
If it were so, i.e. that some are born homosexual, it would mean that God would be unjust (pardon my blasphemy!!!) by allowing such homosexuals to be damned to hell(!!!) However, this is why they will be damned, if they do not repent and leave this deadly and shameful sin, precisely because their… “homosexuality” is neither a necessity nor a given, but their own choice!!!
So, no man is born homosexual!!!
One becomes a homosexual by freely accepting this abnormal and unnatural deadly sin!!! He invents perverse ways of “enjoying” carnal pleasure… In fact, I go further and say that, strictly speaking, he does not become a “homosexual” either; this is because he can stop if he wants to!!!…. So there are no homosexuals…, but, simply, those who perform the act of homosexuality…
HOMOSEXUALITY, my dear, is an OBSESSION!!! which obsession, if it is accepted by a person as “true”, he is identified with it considering it identical with his nature(!)
This is a great lie and a great deception of the devil, which is done in cooperation with man’s fallen and defiled nature (and not with our nature after it was renovated in Christ!); that is why Christ is recognized and is our Savior and our freedom!!!
In the same way that CLEANSING OF THE STATE IS REQUIRED…, a likewise
I have said it before:
Beware of the…”crazy water”(!!!), because it has been some time since it started “raining”…
By the way, I would like to mention that a new video was posted with the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who captured the whole problem of the… new order of things, which is so artfully promoted..:
A previous video with the same Prime Minister is at the end of our Paternal Advice no. 732 (click here)
Finally, I refer again to the issue of Sex Education in Schools (because we are already approaching it…), to state that if this subject is introduced, as they want it introduced, “all hell shall break loose…!!!” We will start this broken machine, with all the devastating consequences for our children…, and which we will then be unable to stop…
Kindly take a look at the two screen-shots below, which are proposals addressed to the Ministry of Education (Cyprus) for their approval regarding the Sexual Education of our children in schools.
The first screen-shot concerns Sexual Education for children in the 3rd year of primary school (9 year olds!!!):
The second screen-shot is for children in the first year of high school (aged 13!!!).
(Note: Do these really resemble the words of Konanos as shown in his video…).
According to the Ministry of Education (Cyprus), the whole “programme” is supposedly for the … protection of children from sexual abuse (!!!).
The hypocrisy and disrespect towards the parents is unbelievable!!!…
You will, I am sure, also have your own views on this controversial topic…
I am not a prophet nor do I have the gift of foresight! But take note of what I am about to tell you: If proper reactions are not made, unacceptable laws will be proposed and be enacted in our country, with all the corresponding following social consequences…:
  1. Weddings between homosexuals!!!
  1. The adoption of children by homosexual “couples”!!! And,
  1. As a consequence of this, in the Sexual Education in our Schools, the abnormalities will be taught as normal…; gender change, homosexual relationships and also points 1 and 2 above… · and this, out of “respect” for the “children” of homosexual couples, who will be present in the classroom!!! And Andreas who has chosen his orientation of choice and wears a skirt instead of pants should henceforth be called Androulla…, and not Andreas(!!!)
Let me not go further… (Besides, God may not allow the continuation of such a crazy life…!!!)
“A man who is in honour, yet does not understand, is like the beasts that perish” (Psalm 48:21)
(translation: Although Man has received from God the priceless honour of having a rational nature, he has not been brought back to his senses, and instead has placed himself along the senseless beasts and has become like them as regards his way of life and his instincts…)
So, when the doom of the world will come and we shall start looking what went wrong…, but it will be too late!!!
As I write this, the media are on “fire” that Greece is burning from the flames of the fires!!!
Believe me, what we suffer is the least, since we ourselves first “burned” and continue to “burn” our Greece…, with all the above antichristian and perverse applications!!!
I will keep repeating it as often as I can:
Let us stand upright, let us stand with fear!!!
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