My dear brethren,
WHEREAS unfortunately there is currently an one-sidedness in all sectors and especially in the media, i.e. a lack of objectivity, due to the examination of only the one side on this matter
AND WHEREAS the homosexual movement (LGBT+) in Cyprus accuses us of stigmatizing them when we speak against homosexuality (that is, what our faith teaches us and which we believe and profess), which to them is considered wrong before the “law”…, BUT is NOT considered wrong (here again we detect bias) when the media -through either the Ministry of Education or through other institutions- are branding us as delusional, fanatics, extremists, misinformers (that is, that we say things that the Ministry of Education does not put into practice) and God knows what else… whilst the only thing we do is simply to express our opinion, on the very serious issue of sexual education of our children.
We present today on our website texts and documentary evidence selected from those already published by the Ministry of Education itself, on the subject of compulsory Holistic sexual education in schools.
We are stating the above to show why we should not be blamed for allegedly misinforming the public and for creating fake news…
Because, if after the evidence we present, which in fact is the same as that of the Ministry of Education, we are still accused of misinforming the people, then in reality, the one who misinforms, would be the Ministry of Education itself, which has allegedly prepared “fake” texts, which are not in use…
Therefore, so that the Ministry of Education may not be accused of spreading misinformation, one must accept that what follows is true and in use, since it is evidence from the Ministry’s own posts.
Unfortunately, the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, argues (and unfortunately managed to convince the Archbishop) that the purpose of the subject of Sexual Education is to inform the children of primary and secondary education, about the dangers of sexual exploitation and abuse…
But is that really how things are?
In fact, this is nothing more than the “cloak” used by those who coined the subject of sexual education, behind which lies the decisive effort/movement to dominate the world of the ideology of pan-sexualism and at the same time the recognition of the LGBT+ Community and their legal protection (matters of same-sex marriage, adoption, etc.)
So, we would say, without any hesitation, that the lesson of Sexual Education not only DOES NOT protect our children from the dangers of sexual exploitation and abuse, but this same sexual education constitutes sexual abuse of our innocent children (!!!), as you will see in the documents that follow…
We hope, from our side, that his Beatitude our Archbishop together with the rest of the Holy Synod, whom we respect and cherish, after they will carefully read all the documents listed below, will revise their position on the matter of Sexual Education and will keep a strong and dynamic presence, in order to preserve the sacred morals and the dignity of our Greek Orthodox Culture.
Otherwise, the abolition of our sacred morals and by extension our faith, will bring by mathematical precision the complete collapse of our national problem… (compare the War of the Israelites with the Midianites, in the Old Testament).
Moreover, our Holy Hierarchs will provide strength and support to our faithful to continue their struggle, because for the time being -as they tell us- our flock feels betrayed and abandoned, like sheep without a shepherd…
What follows, is intended for all bona fide believers and for every other citizen of the Republic of Cyprus suggesting to them to judge by themselves this lesson about the Sexual Education, through the texts of the Ministry of Education, whether it would be good or bad and whether it would be beneficial or harmful to our children.

After you look at the text SOURCES-PARENTS’ POSITION (GR) (click) and you read a paragraph (bullet point), you will see which source it refers to.
Then, go further down to page 2 and, after noting the page referred to by that source, you may open the link and find the page.
Finally, an Annex follows, in which we quote – only indicatively – what our children will see and learn through the course of Sexual Education (for all Exhibits see SOURCES-PARENTS’ POSITION (GR) (click) and from there its reference to SOURCES).
We apologize for the inappropriate Annex, but we were forced to append it because we were stigmatized that we are misinforming the world…
Warm thanks are due to the “PARENTS SOLIDARITY” and especially to Mrs. Eleni Costa (mother of 6 children!!!), their representative, for her kindness to provide us with all this material, which she gathered with so much effort and toil all these years, from 2012 until today!
With love in Christ,
The Holy Monastery of Trooditissa
Each image is accompanied by the SOURCE (ΠΗΓΗ), which you can find by clicking on SOURCES-PARENTS’ POSITION (click) and from there to its specific reference.
“FAMILY. Two moms with their kids…Two dads with their kids…”
The penny tick belongs to the teacher!
It was done as part of the lesson LIFE EDUCATION, in the 3rd grade, in a school in Nicosia!
To clarify, that what the children of the 3rd grade wrote was at the dictation of the teacher!
And the notorious…masturbation!!!! He has children who ignore him… And the…good School will teach them this, which will then make it very difficult for them, without the grace of God, to get out of its “gears”…
Important!!! I wonder if they tell the students the whole truth (if the teachers know, of course, which we doubt), that the “contraceptive” Endometrium, in case of conception (which is not excluded), also works repressive?(!!!!) It does not allow the embryo (the zygote-conceived egg) to implant in the uterus and the body eliminates it… This, it must be clarified, entails a responsibility to take life, because, once the conception of the sperm and the egg has taken place, we simultaneously have the human being, as a psychosomatic entity. (At the same time as the body the soul is formed, says St. John of Damascus). That is, the creation of the body does not precede the creation of the soul, nor vice versa. Once the conception has taken place, this zygote is animated). And there have been studies which have shown that, a girl who has a permanent Intrauterine Spermatozoon, every year a significant number of miscarriages (human lives) occur – depending of course on the frequency of intercourse – without her realizing it… I wonder how much of a burden this will have and impact on their later lives…? Is this, we ask, what the… experts tell the schoolgirls?
These were only indicative presumptions. (For all the Presumptions see SOURCES-PARENTS’ POSITION (click) and from there its reference to the SOURCES (ΠΗΓΗ).
Extremely informative is the presentation made by Mrs. Eleni Costa, on behalf of “Parents’ Solidarity”:
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