My dear brothers and sisters,
Some time ago it was suggested to me to translate the Paternal Advices in other languages (mainly in English and Russian).
My response was that I would like that but unfortunately I am not a polyglot, that is, I am not really speaking other languages…
However, by the grace of God, a pious couple from Nicosia appeared, willing to translate the Paternal Advices from Greek into English.
They are Mr. Panayiotis Klerides and his wife Anthia, who were spiritual children of the late Archimandrite Symeon, from the Holy Monastery of Saint John the Baptist (at Essex, England).
The blessed father Symeon was one of the first monks and close collaborators of Saint Sophrony the Hagiorite, who founded the Holy Monastery of Essex in England.
After this first blessing, a second blessing appeared in the form of another pious couple (Russian), also willing to translate the Paternal Advices from English into Russian.
They are Mr. Valery and his wife Νatalia (Зыкова), who have been living for many years in Larnaca.
Our thanks go first to God, and then to the two blessed couples, our brothers and sisters in Christ, for their love and their affectionate disposition and willingness! May our God pay them back in this life and in the life of the ages to come…
Since on the one hand I do not find this translation a simple and easy task –especially for the spiritual texts– and since from now on we shall post three documents every time instead of one (one for each one of the three languages), I decided to reduce the publishing of the Paternal Advices from three times per week to two times per week.
This, I believe, will give you more time to digest them…
May God bless all of us and help us in our spiritual struggle!
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